Practical exercise 3: WORD FINDER PUZZLES

The Appendix contains word finder puzzles with constellation names. These puzzles are just given as examples. Depending on the age and the level of the students, other puzzles with varying level of difficulty and sizes could be created.

I have created two versions with Bulgarian and Latin names. The teachers in the different countries could create puzzles in their corresponding languages by choosing different constellation names. The puzzles could consist of zodiac sign names only, or only constellations visible from the corresponding country, etc.

The puzzles with the Latin names include only constellations with names which should be similar in the students own language. However, if the students are more advanced, more difficult names could also be included.

The Bulgarian version (15х16) includes other existing words which do not correspond to constellations (20 constellations and 20 other words). This is a more difficult task and is meant for the most advanced students or these attending extracurricular classes.