Practical exercise 3 (For younger students): LIFE ON ANOTHER PLANET, MOON OR ASTEROID


Student show and discuss their views about life outside Earth.

Instructions for the teacher:

Each student (or the activity can be modified for teams) needs to choose a planet, moon or asteroid on which they’ll like to build a base. Then they need to choose a main purpose for the base, draw a picture showing their idea and do a 5-minute presentation of their project and drawing. All of these tasks can also be given as homework. Then the projects and drawings are presented in class and discussed. You can initiate a vote for the most-interesting project, most difficult project, best planned project, best drawing, etc.

Instructions for the students:

You have been invited to be part of a mission and settle on another body in the solar system.

1. Think about the following questions:

1.1 Where else in the Solar system (besides Earth) would you like to live?

1.2 What will be the main purpose of your base?

1.3 What materials and supplies will you have to take with you from Earth to ensure the life in this place?

1.4 What kinds of scientists and specialists will you need to ensure the life on the base and the completion of your purpose there?

2. Make a drawing of your base.

3. Prepare a 5-minute presentation of your project to give to the rest of the class.