Practical Exercise 2:

Arrange the following objects according to their size (typical dimension) starting from the smallest to the biggest. If you have an Internet connection, try to determine the dimensions.

Planet of Saturn, Sun, nucleus of the Halley comet, Jupiter satellite Io, Galaxy, meteorite, Local Group of Galaxies, Vesta asteroid

Answer: meteorite (dimensions are various, from the several cm of tenths of centimetres – smaller are hard to find – to 2.7 m Hoba meteorite found in 1920 in Namibia), nucleus of Halley comet (approx. 10 km), Vesta asteroid (average diameter approx. 525 km), Jupiter satellite Io (diameter of approx. 3600 km, approximately ¼ of the radius of Earth), Saturn planet (average radius of 58 000 km, average diameter of 116 000 km; approximately 9 × bigger than the Earth), Sun (average diameter of almost 1 400 000 km, 109 × bigger than the Earth), Galaxy (diameter of approx. 100 000 ly), Local Group of Galaxies (diameter of approximately 10 000 000 ly).