Students (a) will find words connected to the thermonuclear fusion and (b) will compose physically correct sentences, reflecting what was learned in the lesson, using at least 2 or 3 of the given words in each sentence, confirming new terms for them.

Instruction for teachers:

This exercise can be done in pairs or alone. In both of the cases the exercise can be organised like a contest who first will find all (or the most) words and a reward may be offered as an incentive.

Duration: 10 minutes for words arrangement and 5 minutes for composing sentences and again, a contest can be made as to who composed the most sentences.

The shuffled words are given in Appendix 1. Other version of the exercise (for pupils) can be done as the places of the answers should be shuffled and the pairs should be identified correctly and then sentences should be composed (maybe the whole class together with the help of the teacher).

Instructions for students:

In Appendix 1 words connected to the thermonuclear reactions in the stellar cores are given.

a) The letters in the words are shuffled. You have 10 minutes to arrange the letters and write the correct word next to the shuffled one.

b) For more 5 minutes compose as many as you can sentences as they must accurately reflect what is learned in the lesson and each sentence must contain at least 2 or 3 of the words you have arranged in point a).