From the initial H atoms to go through the various nuclear reactions, in which more and more heavy elements are formed and Fe is reached.

Instructions for teacher:

The game can be started from a computer, then the keyboard arrows are used to "merge" the squares, and it can also be started from a mobile phone, and then the movement of the squares is with fingers. The goal is to merge elements and their isotopes to reach Fe. The game shows the achieved result (SCORE) and the best result of all games (BEST). Students may be encouraged to search for more information about the order of reactions in Internet, which will help them to increase their results (give them at least 10 minutes before starting the game).

If the exercise is done in class - give 15 minutes to play and then start a discussion about the results and who managed to "synthesize" what elements during the game. You can discuss what additional knowledge would be needed to help students reach iron synthesis most easily and quickly. If given for homework - again, ask them to write down their best result and prepare for the above discussion for the next lesson (the discussion should include everyone and be at least 15-20 minutes), each saying what has memorized fusion and the order of fusion of elements.

Instructions for students:

The game is available at:

You have 15 minutes to try to synthesize iron starting from the elements given at the beginning and to go through the necessary intermediate reactions. The game is over if you reach iron (Fe) or if the matter of star ends. You can follow the result as well as the best result in the blue boxes at the top right of the screen. If you do not reach iron, write down your highest score. Discuss with your teacher and classmates your results, what you need to know to reach the end or increase your result. What do you remember best about the process of thermonuclear reactions and the order in which the elements are synthesized?