Kepler's laws for the second time

The laws are more general and do not only apply to the movement of planets in the solar system.

Here we formulate them more generally.

Kepler´s first law

The spatially delimited orbits of objects in the central field are ellipses in which the centre of the field is in a common focus.

This formulation of the law says that the Kepler's laws also apply to the description of the satellite's motion around the Earth, the orbit of the moons around Jupiter, etc., where the role of the central object located in the focus is taken over by the planet.

Kepler´s second law

The contents of the areas described by the radius vector of the object (object centre junction) are the same for the same but arbitrary time intervals.

The centre does not have to be the Sun, but another star or planet, for example.

The area described by the radius vector for a short time