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Based on the information found on the Internet, compile a list of upcoming lunar eclipses until 2025. For each eclipse, indicate when it will occur, what type of eclipse it will be and from which territory it will be observable. We recommend using the NASA website: Next, determine when the next total lunar eclipse observable from Europe, the Slovak Republic and Bratislava will occur.

Objective of Practical Exercise

The aim of this activity is for pupils to learn to search for information on the Internet and to get an idea of the frequency of the lunar eclipse phenomenon and the territory that will hit a lunar eclipse.

Methodical notes for the teacher

• All the information you need to complete the exercise can be found on the NASA website

• The website is, of course, in English. However, we believe that the vocabulary used is so limited that this should not be a problem.

21. 1. 2019 Total Central Pacific Ocean, America, Europe, Africa
16. 7. 2019 Partial South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
10. 1. 2020 Penumbral Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
5. 6. 2020 Penumbral Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
5. 7. 2020 Penumbral America, south-western Europe, Africa
30. 11. 2020 Penumbral Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean, America
26. 5. 2021 Total East Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean, America
19. 11. 2021 Partial America, Northern Europe, East Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean
16. 5. 2022 Total America, Europe, Africa
8. 11. 2022 Total Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean, America
5. 5. 2023 Penumbral Africa, Asia, Australia
28. 10. 2023 Partial East America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
25. 3. 2024 Penumbral America
18. 9. 2024 Partial America, Europe, Africa
14. 3. 2025 Total Pacific Ocean, America, Western Europe, West Africa
7. 9. 2025 Total Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia

All lunar eclipses visible from Europe are also visible from the territory of the Slovak Republic and Bratislava.

Adaptation guidelines for pupils with SEN

Pupils with disabilities 

Pupils with learning disabilities should also be able to handle the whole exercise without difficulty, i. e. eclipse tracing for the next period until 2025. 

Gifted pupils 

Gifted students can also search the NASA website for other related information about individual eclipses, e.g. the duration of the total eclipse, the start and end time of the eclipse and more.